Who are we?

We build a platform for those who have no voice.

A medium for European Muslim citizens; reflecting the political, social, cultural and legal challenges they face in their European existence, and the effect on societal harmony and the values of co-existing in one society.

We aim to shape a public opinion against racism, discrimination, exclusion policies and promote justice for all.

Furthermore, we want to shed light on the challenges Muslim, European citizens face, such as:

Problems of Muslim women wearing a headscarf: at work, whilst studying, in political participation and concerning prejudices.

Challenges Refugees face:

Legal difficulties, family reunion policies.

The arising problems for immigrant families such as cultural differences and limits of integration in society, the conflicts of living between two cultures, parental challenges, child protection law, halal nutrition, mixed swimming, and the discrimination of Muslim students at schools.

Challenges the Youth faces:

Puberty and its difficulties, foster, the relationship between the children and their parents, daily interactions between the two genders

Human rights:

On the participation of Muslim women in society, on employment at public educational and private institutions, analyzing the current political situation, concerning the right-winged parties, and their willingness to coexist, and to embrace an open European policy

Open area for additions:

Impacts in form of articles, researches, caricatures, interviews with personalities and video clips

Or anything that improves the delivery of the message.

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